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Batman Gifts For Her

Batman Gifts for Her

These days almost every one is a fan of the caped crusader, even the special lady in your life. Whether it is your significant other, a sister, or just a good friend, getting her a Batman present is always a great idea for any special occasion. We all know choosing the right gift is tough but here is a list of 10 gift ideas she will certainly love.

1. Batman Dress

Batman Dress

There isn’t a girl in the world who doesn’t look stunning in a cute dress. Why not get her a dress that shows off her love of the Dark Knight. This dress is a cute, knee high, black print dress with the batman symbol stamped all over. The dress is in the $40 range and is a cute and unique piece.

2. Batman Sports Bra

Batman Sports Bra

Almost every girl has at least one sports bra that they use for when they go jogging or decide to hit the gym. Why not get her a sports bra that is unique and comfortable? The Batman Gotham city print sports bra is made with comfortable polyester and features Batman and Catwoman along with the image of Gotham city. It has that classic comic feel and is priced under $10.

3. Batman Hand Bag/Hobo Bag

Batman Hobo Bag

Purses are always great. They keep stuff you need in handy like phones and cash and you could carry your snack stash on the go. That’s why the Batman hand bag will not only ve a great gift but a gift that can be used every day. This has the bat symbol as well as the batman name stamped all over and it’s priced for under $45 in total.

4. Batman Knee High Socks 

Batman Knee High Socks

Knee highs usually go great with any skirt or short outfit and can be really comfortable during those cold winter nights. Why not get her knee highs with the Batman symbol on it along with cute faux laces? These will add some extra cuteness to any girl’s wardrobe and for less than $11 why not show off your inner bat fan.

5. Batman Tights 

Batman Thights

How about a pair of yoga tights to go along with the Batman sports bra? Made with polyester and spandex, these tights are great for casual use or for working out, doing yoga, or jogging. These have the bat symbol printed all over with a bluish-black background color. Breathable and comfy, these tights go for less than $12.


6. Batman Blouse 

Batman Blouse

Shirts that show off your interests can be pretty awesome. It’s a great way to strike up conversation and meet fellow fans. Get her something that states her interest with this very unique Batman blouse. It’s designed to give that “super hero under regular clothes” feel which is a different approach and really interesting. For around $30 she could have that secret identity feeling all day.


7. Batman Pajamas

Batman Pajamas for Her

Everyone loves the softness and coziness that pajamas can make you feel. With this cute pajama set, your special girl can relax in comfort while rocking her Batman attire. With a cute lavender top and classic comic print pants, this set will let her relax and look good while doing it. Extremely comfortable and cuddly, this pajama set will cost just about $35.


8. Batman Necklace 

Batman Necklace

 As most people know, a necklace can spruce up and compliment an outfit as well as making you look a tad more intriguing and memorable. With this Batman necklace, it will be hard not to notice the difference it makes to her outfit of choice. This silver plated necklace is decorated with black gems and its shape as his famous bat symbol. It’s both beautiful and simple and for only $25 it is well worth it.

9. Batman Sweater 


Batman Sweater Everyone tends to get chilly once in a while, even the good ole’ Batman finds himself feeling the chills once in a while.  Why not keep your special girl warm with a cozy Batman print sweater? It will keep her warm during those cool nights as well as stylish with the nifty bat symbol prints that can be found all over. For under $17 this sweater is a bargain.

10. Batman Tank Top

Batman Tank Top

 The sweater is great for those cool winter days but what about those hot summer months that gets everyone in a sweat? Well she can feel cool and look cool with this polyester tank top sporting the top half of batman’s suit that resembles the 90’s animated series, This tank is very breathable so she can look fresh and feel refreshed all at the same time for just under $10.

These gifts are not expensive at all. Hopefully, this guide helps you decide what to buy for those special occasions in her life. All of these items can easily be found on Amazon and links are included as well.

Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments. Good luck gift hunting!