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Hillary and Trump and Batman

This is not a political blog, but I found this picture to be interesting.

Hillary and Trump Joker

Hillary as Two-Face

Hillary is one of the leading candidates for President of the United States. The rhetoric around her is that she will say anything or do anything to be president, hence she is two faced. In the Batman Universe that means that she is Two-Face. I am not passing judgment here, but I thought that it was an interesting thing to depict her as Two-Face. Continue reading Hillary and Trump and Batman

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14 Awesome Batman Posters


Some people like to decorate with art, self-portraits, or with a 60” flat screen T.V. But what if you are like the rest of us? The people who probably can’t afford expensive art or a thousand dollar flat screen? Well that’s were posters come to the rescue! Here are 14 of the coolest Batman and Batman character posters you can find.

Posters are often inexpensive and can make your room look unique while making a statement. Since we are all Batfan’s here, what better way to show off our affection for the Dark Knight than with some awesome posters! If you find this list useful please let us know by commenting or sharing on social media. 

Batman Cape Poster

Batman Cape Poster

Now this is some imagery that almost all of us are familiar with. The classic cape crusader looking over the city at night standing on top of a gargoyle ledge. This is a more darker take of the batman as it comes from the drawing styles of Frank Miller. With all the dark atmosphere this is a great way to liven up any barren white wall for just under $6! The link for this poster will be included below.

The Dark Knight Trilogy Poster

dark knight trilogy poster

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