BatmanPresents Giveaway

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Giveaway

New Giveaway is live! Enter to win a Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition Blue-ray combo pack. 

Batman v Superman Blog Giveaway

Contest runs from July 2nd to July 18, 2016 11:59 pm. For full details and to Enter, see the Giveaway Post

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BatmanPresents Catwoman Artwork Giveaway

Catwoman Art Giveaway

Enter to win this awesome Catwoman painting by @evdb_art on Instagram. Check out here artwork, she has a ton of great stuff at affordable prices. 

The giveaway runs from March 15th to March 31st, 2016. 

This is the mirror image to my Catwoman painting. I really love mine! Enter by answering a question. Who is your favorite Catwoman? You can also enter by tweeting a message, leaving a comment, and more. Very easy to enter and win. 

We are really excited about this giveaway. Don’t think we will have anything this unique and original in the future.

For full details check out the Catwoman Giveaway blog post. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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BatmanPresents 2016 T-Shirt Giveaway

Giveaway runs from February 1, 2016 – February 28, 2016

Batman Starry Knight T-shirt Giveaway

Enter the BatmanPresents 2016 T-shirt Giveaway for a chance to win the Batman Starry Knight t-shirt. This is the shirt included in the Deluxe Batman Gift Box

The Batman Starry Knight t-shirt was voted as the favorite by our community of Batman fans. The shirt looks great and is available in a variety of sizes. The style resembles Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. The shirt is available for purchase on Amazon from $16 – $30.

Batman Starry Knight T-Shirt

The contest is open worldwide. If we can mail it to you, you can enter! The winner will be selected randomly after the contest ends. You can enter multiple times by tweeting a message daily. The more times you enter, the more chances to win. 

Easy ways to enter, many chances to win. Enter by answering a question, tweeting a message, or leaving a comment. 

Batman Starry Knight T Shirt


This DC Comics t-shirt is officially licensed. The front has this great design and the back is plain black. 

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Enter the Deluxe Batman Gift Box Giveaway

Deluxe Batman Gift Box Giveaway

The Deluxe Batman Gift Box Giveaway is live!

Enter to win this exclusive gift box from See Gift Box Page for full details.

Contest runs thought December 16th, 2015. Enter to win 11 hand picked items that every Batman fan will love. This is an exclusive product, not available anywhere else. A $90 value available for pre-order for only $49.99 plus shipping. 

Good luck everyone. Leave a comment below and let us know which item is your favorite. 

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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59 thoughts on “BatmanPresents Giveaway

  1. I’d post of picture of my prize on all my social media! 😉

  2. Awesome. Remember you can enter once a day with a tweet for more chances to win. Good luck.

  3. Yes, I would

  4. Yes I would post pictures if you wanted me to 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Of course I would

  6. absolutely

  7. Yes, I would!

  8. ?

  9. i would like to see alot of things

    1. We are going to do shirts and more gift items. Anything else you would like to see?

  10. T-shirts or socks!

    1. Thanks, we are going to do t shirts soon!

  11. They should put MORE fun and cool batman “gadgets.”

  12. @Zachary good point about the gadgets.

  13. Thanks for the replies, We are planning on having shirts as the prize soon. Good ideas, keep em coming.

  14. You could do TV shows related to batman too. Like you said your going to do shirts too, you could do the Gotham, or the old TV show with Adam west Batman (1966-1968) Because i know A LOT of people like the new and old TV shows (including me) and i bet they would want that stuff on your website to raffle off too.

    1. Thanks, these are really good ideas.

  15. I actually like the T-shirt!

  16. my grandsons are huge fans,they would love these

  17. ve the artsy t-shirt

  18. I love how unique this is!

  19. it is awesome

  20. The Batman box is awesome. My daughter would love it.

  21. That t-shirt looks so cool!

  22. I love everything about it, Batman is the best superhero. Really love the shirt, if I have to say just one thing.

  23. LOVE the Batman box. Would just wrap and give to my oldest son, the Batman Fanatic!!! Good luck everyone, what an awesome prize!!

  24. I love everything about Batman. So this box would be loved for everything it contains.

  25. I really like the variety – there’s a little something for everyone in the family to share!

  26. I love the variety of items in the box. And especially like the Batman flash drive!

  27. The T shirt looks cool

  28. The different items in the box, but loved the flash drive.

  29. I like the most T-shirt and flash drive.

  30. I love Batman he rocks,,so this box is totally awesome!


  32. I love everything about the box.

  33. I think the whole family will fight over the t-shirt! I think the stuffed batman will go into a car window!

  34. I love the theme of the box, you can’t really go wrong with Batman.

  35. I Dig the shirt. Very Unique and Artistic

  36. My son loves everything about Batman and would love everything in and about this box! Personally, I love the t-shirt!

  37. I love the great variety in the Batman box. So much good stuff!

  38. I love everything it offers but especially the tshirt

  39. I heard about you on twitter a few months ago. I like all the Batman stuff

  40. i probably found you via a sweepstakes website

  41. Thanks for the comments! Keep em coming. Always like to hear from you guys.

  42. I heard about BatmanPresents on Twitter. I like Batman and stuff connected with him 🙂

  43. I think from Bloglovin and love the Batman stuff.

  44. I ran across you on my sweepstakes site. Very interesting page…lots to look at. Thanks for the Batman offer.

  45. I heard about you guys in Twitter. I also checked out a couple unboxing videos. My husband is a nerd (Derfsdomain) and would love this for his birthday! XOXO

  46. Really creative design. I would have never have thought to combine those two elements.

  47. great giveaways!

  48. What a great idea for a t-shirt! I’ll probably buy one whether I win or not!

  49. I found you guys through a facebook fan page. I love all your batman products and wicked sense of humour 🙂

  50. You guys have an amazing instagram page ☺

    1. Thanks!

  51. i voted for pffeifer and any thing marvel is amazing!!! thanks so much for the chance this is fabulous

  52. I chose Berry because she was unrecognizable to me and she has a strong sense of self on and off the screen interviews. She is down to earth .

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