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New Batman Box and More

Happy holidays everyone. Hope everyone received their favorite Batman present from Santa this year. If not, don’t worry you can still give yourself a little something.

The Deluxe Batman Gift Box is back in stock at Amazon! 

The box sold out before Christmas this year. They are back in stock at Amazon for $49.99 including FREE shipping. Also available with 2 day Amazon Prime shipping. The box is always in stock on the store and is available with different size shirts: Medium, Large, X-Large, and XXL.

The Batman Gift Bundle is available for $24.99.

Includes a four pack of Batman gifts: 8 inch Batman Plushie, 8gb Batman Flash Drive, Bat Symbol Lanyard, and Batman Keychain. 

Website Redesign

The website has also been redesigned to be faster! We removed most of the products that were external links and kept all of our products. All of our products are also available on Hopefully you noticed much faster page loads.

We are also working on adding a chat feature so you can ask questions before you buy. It only shows offline currently but we will get your questions.

New Batman Box

We are adding a new Batman Gift Box this year. The Deluxe box includes a Large shirt. The new gift box will have everything the deluxe has without the shirt, for a lower price. Many people have asked for different size shirts and different shirts. The regular Batman Gift Box will come without a shirt so that people can choose a different one with the savings.

The makes three different price points for the Batman gifts. $25 Bundle, $40 Batman Box, and $50 Deluxe Batman Box. The deluxe is still the best deal with over $90 in merchandise.

The new Batman Gift Box will come in a blue ready-to-gift box and include nine items:

  1. 5 inch sticker
  2. 2 inch sticker
  3. 8gb flash drive
  4. Plush toy
  5. Fridge magnet
  6. Keychain
  7. Lanyard
  8. Comic book
  9. 1 inch button

Stay tuned for the box which will be available in early 2017. Pictures and a Giveaway soon to follow.

Thanks to all the Batman fans that made this site possible. Let us know how we are doing. Like, comment, or retweet us on social media, it really helps us spread the word. Happy New Year.