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Some people like to decorate with art, self-portraits, or with a 60'' flat screen T.V. But what if you are like the rest of us? The people who probably can't afford expensive art or a thousand dollar flat screen? Well that's were posters come to the rescue! Here are 14 of the coolest Batman and Batman character posters you can find.

Posters are often inexpensive and can make your room look unique while making a statement. Since we are all Batfan's here, what better way to show off our affection for the Dark Knight than with some awesome posters! If you find this list useful please let us know by commenting or sharing on social media. 

Batman Cape Poster

Batman Cape Poster

Now this is some imagery that almost all of us are familiar with. The classic cape crusader looking over the city at night standing on top of a gargoyle ledge. This is a more darker take of the batman as it comes from the drawing styles of Frank Miller. With all the dark atmosphere this is a great way to liven up any barren white wall for just under $6! The link for this poster will be included below.

The Dark Knight Trilogy Poster

dark knight trilogy poster

This is a change from the more common comic posters with this one featuring the last installment of the very well received Christopher Nolan trilogy. Not only the Batman is featured on the poster but other characters like Catwoman, The Scarecrow, Bane, Joker and other popular characters are on there as well. Movie posters are always great to have on walls and this will make a great addition to any living space. This is under $11 and the poster link is included below.

Batman vs Superman Poster

batman v superman poster

Well even though most if the items on the list are Batman exclusive, this should definitely be included on the list especially with the up coming movie that has many fans waiting in anticipation. This Batman vs Superman poster is a rather simple design but simple can be more interesting than complicated. This has the Dark Knight with the Superman “S” emblemed on his face. The gray background with the bright red hue makes a sharp contrast and will look great anywhere. The link is posted below and it is only $10.

Batman and Robin Retro Poster

batman and robin retro

Now this poster is going for the classic old school look, back during the Batman comics where a lot more campy rather than brooding and serious. This features both the Cape Crusader and the Boy Wonder running together in classic comic style as pieces and snippets of comics can be seen in the background. This is much more colorful and lively compared to the others I have listed on here for those who are fans of the campy days and want something more old school. Priced under $14 this poster will make a nice addition to any aficionado's room and the link will be listed below.

Arkham Origins Joker Poster

joker arkham origins poster

Arkham Origins have been one of the most successful games for the Batman franchise for its great game-play and story wise and because everyones favorite villain is in it as well. This Joker poster is both eerie and a fascinating art work. One half jis face and creepy grin and the other half a swarm of bats. The art style is great as well, it is going for that realistic look which I think makes it look just a bit interesting and will make a great addition for a empty wall and for just under $8 why not get it? Link for this poster is posted below.

Harley Quinn Arkham City Poster

harley quinn arkham city poster

Most of the posters we have listed hear are the standard paper but this cloth poster both looks great and its soft to the touch as well. Not only that but it features one of the best evil sidekicks ever, Harley Quinn! This is her new design that is seen in the Arkham series, she is seen wielding a gun and rocking her pigtails as “You wanna play with me?” can be seen written behind her in what I can safely assume is in blood. Both cute and creepy, this will make a fabulous gift for any fan. This is priced just under $14 and you can check out the link posted below.

Batman Returns Poster

  Batman Returns Poster

A lot of us remember this movie, this is the movie that features the Penguin on the big screen and is continues the dark remaining that Tim Burton has made for the Batman. This is a nice piece of memorabilia for anyone who is either a fan of Batman or Tim Burton's work. Though the movie is live action, the poster is drawn and judging from the Kaijin, this is the Japanese version of the theatrical poster. The Batman, Catwoman, and the Penguin can be seen on the poster and has a dark tone to it. Only about $17 for this classic Batman poster.

Two-Face Carnival Poster


Ah Harvey Dent, aka Two Face, this iconic character is a favorite among the fans, especially two face from Batman The Animated Series where most of us learned his origin story. This poster is unique because of the style it is going for, rather than dark or campy look, this has the carny feel written all over and with Two-Face as the main attraction. This is a whole series including the other characters including Poison Ivy and others. This is a unique poster for those who wants something other than dark or dreary and will look great in any place. This poster costs around $30 but for its awesomeness, it is well worth the price. You can check it out by clicking the link provided.

The Dark Knight Joker Collage

Joker Collage PosterThis is the Heath Ledger Joker from The Dark Knight. Ever since the Dark Knight came out, this version of the Joker has become extremely popular. He even seems to rival Batman himself in popularity. This is an interesting take on the Joker. The face is made up of lines from the movie and that infamous laugh of his, HAHAHA. This is a great choice for anyone who loves the Heath Ledger Joker. 

Justice League Minimalist Poster

justice league minimalist poster

This poster looks awesome. If you love Batman and the Justice League, you will love this poster. The colors are striking and the minimalist design makes it look very cool. The Justice League cartoon show was a huge hit and this posters features that style of characters from the show. This would look amazing on a t-shirt as well. 

Batman Comic Book Covers Poster


This poster features some iconic Batman comic book covers. So much to look at and study. A really great addition to any Bat Cave.

Harley Quinn and Batman with Bats Poster

Harley Quinn and Batman Poster

This poster features Harley Quinn with Batman standing behind her and some bats flying around. The red, white, and black colors really go well together. The artwork is beautiful.

Poison Ivy and Batman Wall Scroll

Posion Ivy Batman Wall Scroll

This Batman poster is a little different. This is a wall scroll that you can hang on a wall. This $16 scroll features Poison Ivy with Batman tangled in her vines. 

Batmobile Patent Poster from 1990

batmobile patent poster

You learn something new everyday. I never knew that they patented all the Batman designs for the movies. There is a whole series of these including the Batman Cowl and later Batmobiles. This poster measures 18 x 24 inches and is $30 with shipping. The uniqueness and simplicity of this poster makes it one of my favorites. 

If you really want these posters to last, you can have them framed. Most come in standard print sizes and can be done inexpensively. A beautiful framed poster is an amazing gift for any Batman fan. With so many different ones to choose from, you can't go wrong with a poster. We hope that you find something that will liven up your living space, or a gift for any house warming party, or just to help someone who has a bland living space. All items are available on Amazon for your shopping convenience.

Thanks for checking out the list! Which one is you favorite?


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