Batman Shower Curtains


Batman Shower Curtains

Na na na na na na Bathroom! or maybe Na na na na Bathman!

Batman shower curtains are one of those things you never knew you needed until you see them. Then you wonder how did you ever do without them.

They are also the most important item you need in your Bat cave, followed by all the Batman Bathroom Accessories and a nice Batman Bathroom Set.

Batman Shower Curtains

Batman Signal Shower Curtain 

The Warner Bros. Batman Logo Microfiber Shower Curtain measures 70 by 72 inches wide. Features a big Batman signal in the middle of a black background. It is made from 100% polyester microfiber. Available on Amazon for $12.99.

Batman Logo Shower Curtain

Batman Arkham Knight Shower Curtain

The Batman Arkham Knight Shower Curtain features the artwork from the latest Batman game. It measures 66 x 72 inches and has 10 holes for your Batman shower hooks. Most curtains have 12 holes, so you might have a couple extra to use for Batman towels. The curtain is made from polyester and is easy to clean.

Arkham Knight Shower Curtain

Keaton Batman Movie Shower Curtain

This shower curtain features the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman from the original Burton movie. Measures 60 x 72 inches tall and includes 12 holes for shower hooks. Easy to clean polyester.

Keaton Batman Shower Curtain

1966 Batman Shower Curtain

The 1966 Batman shower curtain features a stylized version of Adam West dancing and saying WORD. 100% polyester and measures 66 x 72.

66 Batman Shower Curtain

Batman Logo Shower Curtain

The Batman shower curtain features the iconic Batman emblem in the center with smaller logos in a pattern behind. Measures 66 x 72 inches and is made from polyester. Available on amazon for $16. This one includes the plastic hooks and is machine washable.

Batman Logo Shower Curtain

Batman Painted Logo Shower Curtain

The Batman shower curtain features the Batman logo with paint smeared effect. The logo looks great and and very big. Measures 60 x 72, a little smaller than standard size. Includes temporary hooks to use in a jam. Machine washable.

Custom Batman Logo Shower Curtain

Batman and Harley Quinn Shower Curtain

The shower curtain features Batman staring at an upside down Harley Quinn. Modern style Batman resembles the Arkham games. Made from polyester and measures 66 x 72. The shower curtain has very good reviews on Amazon and is light colored to allow light into the shower.

Batman and Harley Quinn Shower Curtain

The Dark Knight Printed Shower Curtain

The Dark Knight printed shower curtain features the Christian Bale Batman from the movie in silhouette and bats flying. Great artwork from the Nolan trilogy. Includes temporary hooks and measures 60 x 72, standard shower size. Polyester fabric and machine washable in cold water.

Dark Knight Shower Curtain

Batman and Joker Shower Curtain

The Batman and Joker shower curtain features the characters from the Dark Knight Christopher Nolan movie. Christian Bale Batman is standing behind Heath Ledger Joker in the interrogation room. A great scene featuring the first meeting between Batman and the Joker.

Batman and Joker Shower Curtain

The Dark Knight Logo Art Shower Curtain

The Dark Knight logo art shower curtain features the Nolan Trilogy Batman logo in a scene with Batman and police helicopters. Measures 66 x 72 inches tall. Available for under $20 on Amazon.

Dark Knight Rises Shower Curtain

Superheroes Shower Curtain

The superheroes shower curtain features Batman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Robin, Flash, Superman, and Spiderman. A great minimalistic shower curtain of some great superheroes. The only problem is that it says the Avengers on it. This must be a Chinese  pattern. They routinely add in Batman and Superman to the Avengers not knowing one is DC and the others are Marvel. Anyways, it looks great and can’t beat the price at $14 with free shipping.

Superheroes Shower Curtain


There are more Batman and superhero Shower curtains available but these are some of the cooler ones. Some people use these are drapes for a kids room and they work great. Use one of the darker prints as drapes, since they allow less light in.

Availability changes regularly, so check to see what they have and current price. If you see one you like purchase it right away. You never know when you will remember or when they will run out. For under $20 this is one of the best purchases you can make to show your love for Batman. Transform any bathroom into the Bat cave with a Batman shower curtain.

Let us know why one you like best and if you already have one. What would you add to the Bat cave?


  • It’s gotta be the ‘word’ one!

    Lorna Webster
  • The old school"word" one was great!

    Danielle Magee
  • Yes, I love both of those as well. I think we are both old school like that.

  • the Word one was cool
    i am old school love the bat signal looking one

    staci wells mefford
  • That one cracked me up!


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