Batman V Superman Giveaway Winner and Special

Batman V Superman Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Giveaway has been randomly selected. Congratulations to David H. His prize is in the mail.

The Blue-ray combo pack is now available for purchase everywhere. The Ultimate Edition is the best cut of the movie. If you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

David won by entering using Instagram.

Instagram Contest

If you have Instagram, you can follow us for more. We are also running an Instagram competition right now.

instagram Joker Giveaway

The contest is easy to enter. Follow us  @batmanpresents and our friend @batman_dccomics and repost the graphic.

We are giving away the Funko Pop Dark Knight Joker figure. Contest ends August 2nd. Good luck everyone and stay tuned for more giveaways.

The contest seems to have gone over well. We had over three thousand entries this time. The highest so far. It was fun to see so many people participating. We will keep using for the blog giveaways. It has lots of different ways to enter and easy to use.

Batman V Superman Gear

We have ordered a bunch of Batman V Superman masks, cowls, and Halloween costumes. Will be reviewing them for the site and also giving some away for the giveaways. There is a ton of new gear available from the movie. We have updated the Batman Mask and Cowl Buying Guide and will add even more when the stuff arrives.

Batman Cowl Sale

We are offering an exclusive 30% off the 2016 Batman mask to our followers. Get yours today for this special discount.

Batman V Superman Batman Cowl

The Batman Cowl retails for $30 bucks and is available for $20 until August 5th through this special deal. You can buy it for this discounted price by sending $20 Paypal to Buy by clicking the link or the button below. FREE shipping, USA only.

Thanks for participating everyone. Don't forget to enter the Instagram contest, there is a very good chance you can win. 

Stay tuned next time. Same Bat time, same Bat channel. 

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