Batman Vs Superman Rumors. Ben Affleck the Best Thing to Happen to Batman ever?

There are two movies coming out in 2016 that feature Batman, Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. Both movies released new trailers during Comic Con in San Diego last month and they both look awesome. I cannot wait for the movies next year!

Here are the two trailers.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Director Zack Snyder

Suicide Squad, Director David Ayer

The latest news on Batman vs Superman is that they had a private screening at Warner Brothers Studios, the studio producing the film, for the executives and that it went very well. The rumor is that Warner Bros. approved a three picture Batman movie deal, with Ben Affleck directing and starring in them. If the rumor is true this is great news for Batman fans!

This could all be hype for the upcoming movie, but earlier in the month there were more rumors that a Batman/Affleck (Batfleck) movie was scheduled for 2018. The stand alone Batman Ben Affleck movie seems to be true which adds more credence to the latest rumor. The latest rumor is that the WB studio executives love the older Batman Affleck character and are moving forward with a three picture deal. This could mean a new Batman Trilogy by an Academy Award winning director. To support this, Affleck's next two pictures have been pushed back, possibly to allow for the new Batman pictures.

Batman vs Superman Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has directed some great movies: Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo. Things are looking good for the announced Batman reboot directed by and starring Ben Affleck. He is also being credited as a writer for the new 2018 Batman movie on IMDB, which he also happens to have an Academy Award for Best Writing, shared with Matt Damon, for Good Will Hunting.

I know I could be setting myself up for a big let down, but Batfleck could be the best thing to happen to Batman movies ever!

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I am a big fan of all the Batman pictures to date, but I would love to see an ever bigger, edgier, darker Batman movie and possibly trilogy, from someone who has already proven to be a great director.

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