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Batman has been around for over 75 years now and within those years many different toys and action figures have been made. There are some awesome figures out there but there are also some of the more infamous ones made for certain Batman films that were not fan favorites. Lets see which ones are the most beloved or which should rather be forgotten.

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series: Man-Bat Action Figure

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series: Man-Bat Action Figure

We are starting this list with an amazing looking action figure. The Man-Bat action figure is awesome all around and includes 19 points of articulation. This figure is from the first episode of Batman the Animated series. This new DC Collectibles line did an amazing job with the details. Not only do they look good when displayed out of the box but the boxes they come in are very nice to display as well if you want to preserve the New-in-Box condition. A perfect addition to any collection. 

Arkham Knight Action Figure

Arkham Knight action figure

This is one of the cooler figures on the list mainly because of the design and how it looks. If you were a fan of the Arkham Knight game then you will remember the Arkham Knight. What makes this figure so great in my opinion is its attention to detail. You can tell that a lot of work went into this figure and is really well made. The figure will look good just about anywhere you place it. The colors and the way they even make to clothing look very realistic just makes this even more awesome!

Night Glider Batman


This particular figure has popped up in a few bizarre toy lists on the web and it is not hard to see why. I gotta admit the name does sound cool but and at first glance it does look a bit fascinating but once you get a clearer look at the product you can't help to wonder why did they decided on this design on the first place. The bright orange and blue clash makes no sense and makes batman look like a walking safety cone. Remember this is supposed to be his night glider outfit which is supposed to avoid attention. Its is a funny figure though, you can see it for yourself on amazon if you love all things weird.

Batman and Son: Batman Action Figure

Batman and Son Batman Action Figure

Have you ever wanted a really well made buff Batman figure? If you said yes then you are in luck. The problem with some muscle focus figures are that it can be way too over done and will end up looking like a bulging mess rather than a proper figure. This one does a great job looking realistic and proper. The painting is great and resembles the one from the comic. With many positive reviews this is one of the better figures available that fans enjoy.

Anti virus Bruce Wayne

antivirus bruce wayne

Now where to even start with this one? This figure seems to rank high in the weird list for some. For starters from a quick glance it kinda looks like if someone threw a whole bunch of Jello on Batman and added a black vacuum on his back. Once you get a good look you could see he looks more like a bizarre human model of Saturn. The problem with this figure is that even though it is specifically made for kids it doesn't seem very easy to play with. The ring can make it convoluted and some younger kids might just look at it confused. even though it is strange looking it is a cool figure for older fans to have, though for most it will just stand out as strange but luckily it is cheap.

Jakks Pacific Batman Figure

Jakks Pacific Batman

Not all figures have to be small and fit in the palm of your hand. This figure stands roughly at about 1/3 your size with a height of 30 inches. Just by looking at the quality of the figure one could easily tell that this is one of the best figures available on this list. Even the cape is made with cloth rather than just using plastic like many figures use. The muscles on the figure look really well sculpted compared to the standard action figure, plus it will be fun playing with an action figure of this size. The yellow belt sits among the black and gray costume, even the face has a good amount of detail on it. This is a cool figure and available for just $45.

Infrared Batman

Infrared Batman

Reading it on paper this does sound like a great idea for an action figure but the real deal looks a bit confusing to say the least. Mainly because of the red headgear that goes on top along with a rust red version of the Batman Costume. It does look some what unfitting but the headgear is what looks most bizarre. The intentions was for this to look like a cool helmet but it mostly resemble an orange prescription pill. Instead of infrared Batman it looks a lot more like pharmaceutical Batman. The figure is based on The Animated Series of Batman that came out during the 90's and it does make an interesting piece in a collection, or a great gift for your pharmacist! Haha. For just $16 this will make an interesting addition to anyone's collection.

The Dark Knight Bat Pod Vehicle

The Dark Knight Bat Pod Figure

This figure has popped up on a few best Batman toys/figures list and it is not hard to see why people like this one so much. The Batman films in a way rebooted the franchise and brought new life to Batman. A lot of the designs, weapons and equipment seen in the movie made fans very excited for each new movie installment. One of the fan favorites that this has created is probably the iconic Bat pod. This figure has the dark knight riding on the Bat pod which I got to admit looks really cool. The figure looks very well made as well and there was a lot of attention detailed when it came to the dark night part of the figure. This will look great in any collection or a fun gift for the kids and $25 its a deal.

Batman Unlimited Arkham Origins Batman Action Figure

Batman Unlimited Arkham Origins Batman Action Figure

This action figure is from based on the Arkham Origins game and is made by Mattel. It comes in a blister package with details on the back. The figure stands 6 inches tall and the paint is very glossy. Looks great and is very detailed. The figure articulates in the arms and legs. The figure sells for a lot and will not be around for much longer since it is from the original Batman game. It includes a mini collector comic poster. The whole series is selling for quite a bit now, this one is currently priced for $50, but have seen it at $10,000! 

DC Collectibles: Batman Arkham Origins: Bane


Here is the Bane action figure from the Arkham Origins game and is made by Mattel. The figure is highly detailed and articulates in the arms and legs. He stands at 8.25" inches tall. Currently priced around $45 dollars. Get is before the limited edition runs out!

Batman Returns: Penguin


Here is a throw back to the 1992 Batman Returns movie. The Danny Devito Penguin stands 4" tall and has 14 points of articulation. The figure is from the DC Comics Multiverse collector edition. This is one of the 18 figures released in 2014. Described as authentic and even includes his umbrella. 

1989 Batman Movie: Batman


The Michael Keaton Batman action figure is from the original 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie. Highly detailed and has 14 points of articulation. This one has the cowl but they also made an unmasked version that stands 4" tall as well. The figures include a grappling gun and vinyl cape. A great looking figure and a must for the Keaton Batman era fans. 

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series: Robin Action Figure


The Robin Action figure is based on the design from the Batman Animated Series television show. This is a new line of DC Collectibles and they look amazing. This is the same series as the Man-Bat action figure at the top of this list. This character is very detailed and comes with 22 points of articulation. He stands over 5 inches tall and includes additional hands and cape. Included is a grappling gun. This is a fantastic action figure and a makes a great gift for any Batman fan. You can collect the full set, each sold separately. 

Arkham City: Harley Quinn, Batman, Nightwing, & Robin Action Figures (4-Pack)


The four pack of figures are based on the hit game Arkham City. It includes a 7 inch Batman, 6.5 inch Robin, 6.7 inch Nightwing, and 6.4 inch Harkey Quinn. This is a great set to give as a gift and can be had for less than $50. Each character comes with accessories. The characters look great but the reviews all say they can be fragile. Best to keep in the box unless you don't mind some wear. 

DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Origins: Series 1 Joker Action Figure


The details on this Joker as exceptional. Based on the Arkham Origins video game, this is a series 1 Action figure and stands just over 6.5 inches tall. This joker rivals the DC Collectibles version and includes a moving neck and arms. A very nice figure for any Joker fan to have. He looks like a mix between the Heath Ledger Joker from the Dark Knight movie and the Animated series Joker voiced by Mark Hamill. Almost looks like Willem Defoe as the Joker.

DC Collectibles Injustice: Batman and The Joker 3.75" Action Figure (2-Pack)


The 2 pack of Batman and The Joker are based on the best selling video game Injustice: Gods Among Us which has even spawned a comic book series. The figures look great and are highly detailed. These are not for children though, as they are very fragile. The figures come with accessories including Joker's bazooka. A collector's item to stay in the box. If you want to them to play with check out other figures.

DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Asylum: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, and Batman Action Figures (4-Pack)

DC Collectibles Arkham Asylum Joker Harley Quinn Scarecrow and Batman Action Figure 4 pack

Arkham Asylum was game of the year and inspired a great line of action figures. This four pack of action figures includes Harley Quinn and Scarecrow that have been completely re-imagined and Batman and Joker which look updated. Scarecrow stands at 6 inches and Batman is 6.75 inches tall. The Joker and Harley Quinn are both just over 6.5 inches. Batman, Scarecrow, and Harley Quinn include accessories but The Joker was left out. They are all easy to pose except for the Scarecrow who does not bend at the knees. This will be the crown jewel of any collection and for an absolute steal at under $40. 

Batman The Dark Knight Destructo-Case Joker Action Figure

Batman The Dark knight Destructo Case 6 Inch Joker Action Figure

This is a likeness of the Joker from the Dark Knight movie. He is a very popular Joker and it seems they tried to use that popularity to sell this toy. The Joker is 6 inches tall and resembles a cartoon version of Heath Ledger's Joker. The colors are off. The green on his pants is hideous. There is very little information about this action figure. Seems that most people skipped it. This is a perfect toy for a very destructive toddler. 

DC Collectibles DC Comics - The New 52: Batgirl Action Figure

Dc Collectibles DC Comics The New 52 Batgirl Action Figure

Another great looking action figure from the DC Collectibles line. The details look great and is based on the latest interpretation of Batgirl from the New 52 comics line by DC. The figure stands about 6.5 inches tall and has moving joints. She comes with accessories and a bendable cape. Several reviewers have notes that the action figure does not stand up well to repeated movement. The figure looks great but is not very sturdy. Does not move well and should be kept in original box. This is more of a collector's item. 

Batman Legacy: Nightwing Collector Figure

Batman legacy Nightwing Action Figure

The Batman Legacy line of action figures is made by Mattel. This is the Nightwing figure that stands 6 inches tall, like the rest of the line. The figure articulates, comes with a unique display case, and includes a comic poster. This is a great collector's piece but also makes a great toy for children. A great action figure all around. A must for any Nightwing fan. 

DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures: Robin Action Figure


This is the new Robin from the Emmy Award winning Animated Series. Tim Drake first appeared in season 4 of the Animated Series which was on the WB network a few years after the original three seasons. The figure is 4.75 inches tall and includes accessories and a display case. The whole line of Action figures look amazing. Get them before they are gone. 

DC Collectibles: Son of Batman: Robin Action Figure


This is the Damian Wayne Robin from the Son of Batman animated movie. The figure stands 4.75 inches tall and has outstanding detail. A really great figure to add to your collection.

Batman Classic TV Series Robin Action Figure

Batman Classic TV Series 8 Inch Robin Action Figure

The Classic TV series Batman stands 8 inches tall. He is a mix of plastic and cloth outfit with cape. Recommended for 12 years and up because of the many small parts and accessories. A really great looking Robin for those that love the original tv version. 

Batman Classic TV Series Batman Action Figure


Batman stands 6 inches and includes a display case and trading card. This line of figures is made by Mattel and looks just like the Adam West Batman from the 1955 Batman TV series. A perfect companion for the above Robin figure. Also available in this line are The Riddler and The Joker.

Batman Classic TV Series Bendable Boxed Set 


The box set includes Batman, Robin, The Joker, Catwoman, and The Penguin. The figures are made from PVC bendable plastic and is non-toxic. A great set for children 3 and up. This one is a little weird since the fans of the Classic TV show are older than the age this is intended for. Makes a great gift for both young and old.

DC Collectibles The New 52 Nightwing Action Figure

DC Collectibles DC Comics - The New 52: Nightwing Action Figure

DC Collectibles did it again with this DC Comics The New 52 Nightwing Action Figure. He looks great and stands 6.7 inches tall. This is a great figure and comes with many great reviews. A must have for fans of Nightwing. Great for collectors and kids. 

DC Universe Young Justice Robin Figure

DC-Universe-Young-Justice-6-Robin-Figure-0The Young Justice Robin has great detail but is a little different looking than the show. The Robin action figure stands 6 inches tall and has many points of articulation. Some reviews say it moves great others that it doesn't hold poses well. Includes batterangs and a display base. Made by Mattel, the figure is meant for both collectors and children 4 plus. The Young Justice line of action figures also includes Artemis, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Red Arrow, Superboy and more, all sold separately. A great collection to have. 

Play Arts Kai Batman "Arkham Origins" Action Figure


This is a collector's line of action figures. This is the Arkham Origins version of Batman. It looks fantastic and includes a Batarang, grapple gun, and interchangeable hands. The whole line of the Play Arts Kai action figures looks amazing, take a look at The Joker. These are poseable figures that include stands and accessories. The Batman stands over 11 inches tall and even has an articulating cape. These are all masterpieces for the serious collector. The prices reflect this, most just under $100. 

Batman v Superman Armored Batman Action Figure

Batman V Superman Armored Batman Action Figure

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is about to come out and includes a whole new line of action figures with it. This is the 6 inch Armored Batman and includes 20 points of articulation. The figure is a little hard to stand since he does not move at the ankles but it is doable. A great addition to the Batman franchise and a must for collectors. The new figures are priced to sell and they will. The above figures are all overpriced now since they normally release limited numbers of figures. The Batman looks just like Batfleck in the trailers. 

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse Batman Action Figure

Batman V Superman 6 inch Batman Figure

The New Batman is finally here! The multiverse Batman from the new movie looks fantastic. The figure is 6 inches tall and has 20 points of articulation. The figure does not come with accessories but does include a bonus piece when combined with the bonus pieces from the 8 piece set of 6" figures builds a grappling gun replica from the movie. New action figures will be released after the movie comes out to complete the grappling gun. The reviews for the action figure are in and it is very positive. A must for collectors and makes a great gift for kids 36 months and up. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse Superman Figure

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6" Superman Figure

Here is the companion piece to the Batman action figure. Superman stands 6 inches tall and includes a plastic sculpted cape. I think the Batman looks more like Ben Affleck than this looks like Henry Cavill. A great figure to have to battle it out with your Batman action figure. The Wonder Woman action figure looks great as well. Stay tuned for more Batman V Superman action figures and merchandise as they become available. 


These are only a small fraction of the Batman action figures that have been made over the years. The new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie will itself have hundreds of different action figures, maybe even thousands! 

What I didn't realize before making this list is that many of the action figures are limited edition and once they are gone are gone. The cycles goes like this. New movie, comic, or show comes out, new action figures, toys, and memorabilia are released. Items last for a year if that, then the price goes up as demand exceeds supply. Toys sells out, rarity raises the price even more. Which is why new action figures are priced under $20 bucks and the price only goes up from there. Some action figures even end up priced in the thousands of dollars, whether they sell or not is another thing. 

The take away is BUY THEM NOW! The longer you wait to get something you like the more the price goes up before they are gone forever. Luckily, Batman is always being reinvented so there will always be new merchandise to buy. 

Your turn! Let us know what we forgot and which figures are your favorite. If you like this guide let us know and we will keep making more like it! 

Thanks for reading and share this with someone you think will like it! 


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