Best Batman USB Flash Drives

Best Batman Flash DrivesBatman now protects your data as well! There are the Best Batman USBs in one place. 

Lego Batman Flash Drive

Batman Lego Flash Drive You can't go wrong with this Lego edition flash drive. It is made from pvc plastic, soft to the touch, and made to protect your data. Drop proof and durable. Also available in 16gb.

Batman Keychain Flashdrive, 8gb

Batman Keychain Flash Drive
The Batman flash drive includes a keychain so you'll never be unprepared again. Carry you flash drive with your keys. Also available in 16gb.

Batman Emtec Click Flash Drive

EMTEC Click Flash Drive
The Emtec click retracts the connector to keep your usb free from damage. This is a popular flash drive and works great. Available in 8gb. Great Price. Small and convenient. 

[product id="852"]The Dark Knight Rises edition looks nice, a little more pricey than the rest.

[product id="854"]
If the Classic TV Batman is your thing, get this great looking one.

[product id="850"]
This one has the usb connector in the middle. Comes with a connector for your keychain.

[product id="848"]I had to include one with the Joker. Looks cool.

[product id="832"]This is the classic looking flash drive that I first heard about. Still a good one to get.

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