Hillary and Trump and Batman

This is not a political blog, but I found this picture to be interesting.

Hillary and Trump Joker

Hillary as Two-Face

Hillary is one of the leading candidates for President of the United States. The rhetoric around her is that she will say anything or do anything to be president, hence she is two faced. In the Batman Universe that means that she is Two-Face. I am not passing judgment here, but I thought that it was an interesting thing to depict her as Two-Face.

In Batman, Two-Face is a villain. He used to be good, but had a bad side. Now, he is two-faced on the inside and the outside. He also relies on his coin to make decisions. What does this say about Hillary?

Trump as The Joker

Trump has been depicted as a couple different Jokers. The first meme that came out had him as a cross between the 1966 Joker from the television show and the Nicholson Joker from the 1989 Batman movie. This new one has him as the Joker from the Dark Knight movie. The rhetoric around Trump is that he is crazy, stupid, and a sociopath. Not the point of this post, but it is interesting that he is the candidate that people associate with the Joker. Does that make his trump card a joker?

Trump as the joker

Joker is the super villain, completely insane and only wants to watch the world burn. You cannot trust anything he says and will destroy the world just for name recognition. In the Dark Knight movie, The Joker is an Anarchist. He wants to bring chaos. I think that is why people associate Trump with The Joker.

Whoever did this Photoshop of the two candidates did a great job. Not with the meaning but the details. We are the ones that read meaning into it.

What about Bernie?

If Hillary is Two-Face and Trump is the Joker, what does that make Bernie? The character we assign to him is connected with how we see him.

Who would Bernie be in DC?

If you like Bernie, possibly you would see him as Batman. The one man that can save the world without any special powers. He is the hero. If you do not like Bernie, maybe you would see him as a villain.

I have seen him described as Batman, Jim Gordon, Alfred, and the Penguin. Depending on your political leanings you can make a case for each of these.

I think some people are mainly focusing on their appearance and leaving the political rhetoric out of it. Because he looks like an older man that wants to do good, he can be thought of as Commissioner Gordon. Because he wears glasses he can be thought of as the Penguin.

But I leave it up to you. We each interpret the characters according to our politics.

Who would Bernie be in the Batman universe?

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