Making The Batman Gift Box

This post outlines all the steps involved in making the BatmanPresents Batman gift box. Follow along as we develop the idea, build a community, and select the gifts to include in the box. 

Batman (Gift Box) Begins

When we first started BatmanPresents, we wanted to help people find Batman gifts without having to spend tons of time searching. Batman is a massively popular character and there are millions of Batman related merchandise, memorabilia, and collectibles.

Here is where we are so far.

  1. Build site and select Batman presents
  2. Build community and social networks
  3. Batman Gift Guides
  4. Develop a Batman Gift Box

Step 1: Website

Our first step was to build the website and link to hand picked Batman gifts that people would love to give or receive. We have over 1200 individual products and are adding new items weekly.

Step 2: Batman Community

Second, we began building a community on social media to get feedback on the kinds of gifts that people like. We wanted to get people interested to help us build a valuable Batman community. We are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can find us on each as BatmanPresents. We have learned a lot from everyone and get inspiration daily to keep improving the site.

Step 3: Batman Gift Guides

BatmanPresents The Batman Gift GuidesThird, we started developing gift guides. We built a Batman Gift Guides page to link all of them and added it to the main navigation at the top of the page. We are still writing new guides and adding new pages as we continue to develop the site into the best place to find Batman presents for everyone.

We need a good gift guide system because of the number of products available. We want to show everybody the vast number of amazing Batman merchandise that is out there. And we want to make it available in an easy to search and visually appealing way.

Step 4: Batman Gift Box

BatmanPresents Batman logo keychainFinally, we wanted to build and introduce a Batman Gift Box that anyone would love to receive or give as a gift. The first three steps were aimed at helping us develop the Batman Gift Box by finding the best and most popular Batman presents and getting feedback about gifts people love.

We have learned a lot in the process of building the site and we have begun working on the gift box. We have a rough idea of most of the items we will include now, but we are still in development.

We want the box to be affordable and to include a number of items that most people would love to have, a one stop shop for everyone that loves Batman. 

Making The Batman Gift Box

BatmanPresents making the batman gift box prototypeWe have learned a lot and here is what we are planning to include. Of course this can change, and probably will, with the more feedback we get from Batman fans.

Here is a sneak peek at the prototype Batman gift box in the making. 

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Progress So Far

We have been testing potential items to include in the Batman gift box. We want to make sure that the gifts are awesome presents that we would want to give and receive. We decided not to include a few items that did not meet our criteria and have narrowed it down to this list so far.

  1. Batman comic - a random collectible comic from the last 30 years to add to or start a collection.
  2. Batman key chain flash drive - a cool 16 gig flash drive to keep on your keys.
  3. Batman stickers - a 5 inch and a 2 1/2 inch Batman emblem sticker.
  4. Batman lanyard - a lanyard to hold your keys, black with yellow Batman logo.
  5. Batman logo key chain - a small soft pvc key chain with the 60s Batman logo.
  6. Batman Plush Doll - an 8 inch Batman plush doll that sits on its own and has a suction cup attached to display or hang in a window.
  7. Batman t shirt - We are going to have a custom Batman shirt designed that will only be available in this gift box.
  8. Insert - a nice insert for the box describing everything that is in it. 
  9. ??? - We are still looking for more items and taking suggestions. 

Batmanpresents lanyardEverything will come in a nice box, branded with Batman and ready to give as a gift.

Other Batman items we are considering to include.

  • Fridge Magnets
  • Patches
  • Action Figure
  • Mug
  • Bottle Opener
  • Tie
  • Lego Characters
  • Mask

Comment below or drop us a line if you would like to see any of these included, or if there is anything not on the list that you would like to see. 

Some of the items we tested were not as nice as they seemed so we decided against them, we only want the best gifts. Most Batman items are cool just because they are Batman, but some were just not something that we thought everyone would love. 

We also wanted to include items that are unique and specific to this gift box. Items that are not available everywhere for purchase so that people receiving the gift box would get a one of a kind gift. 

There are a lot of awesome Batman gifts out there, just look through our shop, but we wanted to also stand out by not just including the top 5 or 10 presents everyone already has. Everyone likes the Funko characters and they are available everywhere and in many box-of-the-month subscription boxes. We wanted unique, high quality, original gifts that people would love. 

Final Thoughts

This outlines the process of how we came up with the idea and how we executed it. You can also use this as a framework to make a Batman gift box of your own, or you can buy this gift box when it is available!

That's it. I hope you like this little behind the scenes look at our website. We would love to know what you think so far. We will be adding more parts to this as we get closer to launching the Batman Gift Box. 

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