Most Loved Batman Characters with Graphs

Giveaway Results

The results from the Giveaway are in, here are all the Batman characters with total vote count. We had 466 total votes cast with 20 different characters. The graphs follow below.

Batman character votes

A lot of interesting responses and a few surprises as well. Batman (223) and Joker (93) are the two favorites, no surprise there. The Dark Knight version of the Joker showed up in a few responses, people love the Heath Ledger performance. No specific Batmans were singled out. Third and fourth were Robin with 41 and Harley Quinn right behind with 38 votes. I combined the Robin votes into one, a few people voted for specific Robin incarnations. Catwoman was fifth with 21 votes and the surprise character in sixth place was Alfred with 10 votes.

Nothing wrong with liking Alfred, I had not considered him a main character and looking at the results, I think I underestimated him. I have been watching the Batman The Animated Series with my daughter, who is watching it for the first time, and I have to say that Alfred is a Jack of all Trades. He patches Batman up regularly and even rescues him on a few occasions. Alfred is loyal and always kind to Bruce Wayne. He keeps his secret and is like a father to him, along with Gordon. I was surprised that no one voted for Gordon.



A few more interesting results, Lex Luther had one vote. I know he is a DC character but I would say he belongs in the Superman camp. Also, Spiderman had a vote which I thought was funny. Probably due to a prankster vote.
I think it would be interesting to see which characters people hate the most. Not like the best Villain in Batman but the most despicable character. Who is the most hated character in Batman? For me, I would have to say Detective Bullock, at least from the animated series.


Favorite Batman Characters as voted for by everyone who entered the raffle, in a nice bar graph.

Batman Characters bar graph

Here is a nice pie chart with percentages. The Batman world has many beloved characters but I was still surprised that Batman did not even take half of the votes. He was still the favorite by more than double.

Batman Characters Pie Chart

Thanks for reading. We will be having another giveaway contest very soon. Make sure you follow us on social media for the latest and greatest Batman content.

Comment below with suggestions on what to offer or let us know what you think. Who is your favorite Batman character?

Thanks to everyone who participated, we had an overwhelming response! We learned a lot about running giveaways and also about Batman characters. Stay tuned for more, same bat time same bat channel.

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