Ten Best Places to Buy Batman Gifts

Best Place to Buy Batman Gifts

There are many places to find Batman gifts, this is a compilation of the top ten places to buy and find Batman presents and ideas. We looked for selection, price, reliability, and availability to determine the list. 

Please let us know if we missed any good sites during our search. Remember to always give the gift of Batman.

Ten Best Places to Buy Batman Gifts

1. BatmanPresents.com

The best place to buy Batman gifts. The only store dedicated solely to Batman merchandise. The easiest and most convenient place to find the perfect gift for anyone in your life. Hundreds of Batman, Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn, and other characters’ merchandise to choose from. Regularly adding new and exclusive Batman themed presents. Most products are hand selected from the best Batman presents available on Amazon.com. Amazon also handles the customer service and shipping. Will soon be offering a Batman gift pack and box, so check back regularly.

Pros. Only dedicated Batman store. Most items below retail. Everything within the Batman universe is included. Large selection of items. Most items include fast shipping. Exclusive gifts. Great selection.

Cons. Check out through Amazon. Limited organization. This could be a plus if you have Prime.

2. Conventions

Easily the best place to buy Batman gifts, if you live near a convention center. The atmosphere can make the experience of shopping fun. Many vendors with unique and creative merchandise. If you have the chance to go, I would recommend experiencing it. The major disadvantage for shopping is that they are only available occasionally. Many large cities will have several conventions a year. They can also sell out of the best merchandise. The prices can be all over the place.

Pros. The best selection. The newest Batman merchandise. Unique and collectible selection.

Cons. Can be expensive. Can sell out of the best merchandise. Limited availability to a convention.Get your lunch box at the Best place to buy Batman gifts

3. Amazon.com

The largest selection of Batman themes products in the world. Too many results make it difficult to find a special gift. Everything is available, but you have to go through hundreds of items to find gifts. Sometimes everything is too much. Their customer service and shipping is the best of any retailer.

Pros. Many, many different Batman products to choose from. Thousands of results when you search. Good if you know exactly who makes it and what its called. Good prices, most items below retail.

Cons. Too many products and sellers. The same product available at different prices and pages by different sellers. You can’t tell which are China shippers and so would take a month to get a gift.[product id="692"]

4. wbshop.com

The official gift shop for Batman merchandise. They have many exclusive items. Some items are available for customization like having a name printed on a jersey. The items can be expensive and most are available elsewhere for much less.

Pros. Unique stuff you can't find anywhere else.

Cons. Expensive gifts. Limited selection.

5. Etsy.com

They have some inspired gift ideas which are not found anywhere else. The prices can range from fairly cheap to obscene. The site is filled with many unique gifts but the availability and supply changes all the time. Make sure you shop with plenty of time if you want something from here. Gifts are normally timely so be prepared.

Pros. Unique gifts. Lots of gift ideas.

Cons. Availability and supply always changing.

6. Toysrus.com

Toys R' Us has a large variety of toys, especially online. They specialize in toys but many toys are made for adults as well. Their selection changes a lot depending on what is trending at the time. Their prices are normally full retail and so the gifts can be bought elsewhere for less.

Pros. Good selection. Can pick up in store.

Cons. Full retail. Mainly toys. [product id="599"]

7. Ebay.com

Ebay is another place with a large selection of gifts. The main problem is that the sellers are mainly individuals and so product listings and prices are all over the place. They have many exclusive items not sold anywhere else. The selection changes regularly and you need to check seller ratings before buying.

Pros. Large selection and good prices.

Cons. Shipping can be slow. Check vendor ratings. [product id="1802"]

8. kryptonitekollectibles.com

This site ranks pretty high on google but their selection of Batman gifts and merchandise is limited. They have many items listed as out of stock. Not sure if they will be available later. Full retail prices on most things. They have some unique gifts not found elsewhere. Most things can be found on BatmanPresents.com and Amazon.com for less.

Pros. Some unique gifts.

Cons. Limited selection, many items out of stock. Some stuff is marked up in price and can be found elsewhere for less.

9. superherostuff.com

They offer merchandise from many superheroes but their Batman selection is small. They do have a Batman themed Hero box, unfortunately it has terrible reviews online.

Pros. Unique gifts, good selection of shirts. Good gift guides. Batman Hero box.

Cons. Small selection. Full retail prices. Batman Hero box.

10. retroplanet.com

This is the last in the list mainly because of their selection. They offer a great return policy and have free shipping on orders over $79. Their selection of Batman gifts is OK. They do run out of the most popular items. Everything is priced at full retail.

Pros. Good return policy. OK selection.

Cons. Popular items are back ordered. Retail price. Free shipping over $79. [product id="1609"]


There really is a very large selection of Batman merchandise and memorabilia. This list includes the top places to find Batman gifts but is not complete. We included the places with the largest selection and availability. It is always recommended to shop around for the best price. Many of the sites like BatmanPresents.com and Wbshop as well as a few others offer exclusive and unique items. Shop around for what you are looking for. 

Remember to check out our Gift Guides for even more items. 

Are there any Batman stores that we left out? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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