The Batman Gift Box Winner And More

We are back from the holiday break, hope everyone had a peaceful time with family.

Deluxe Batman Gift Box Winner

Before we move on to 2016, we have some business to finish up from 2015. The Batman Gift Box Giveaway had great participation. Thank you everyone that helped us spread the word and congratulations to the winner of the contest, Kelly Z. Here is a picture she posted on our Facebook Page.


Thanks! i <3 this prize. This is by far the coolest Batman shirt I have ever seen :)

Posted by Kelly Zauner on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thanks to Kelly for posting a picture. It is always great to make someones day with a prize. The giveaways are a lot of work, but they are fun to sponsor and help us spread the word about We are going to continue with them in 2016! 

Congratulations to all our winners in 2015, we will have many more in 2016.

If you have any suggestions for prizes you would like to see, comment below.

Best of in 2015

2015 was our first year in business and we had a lot of fun. 

First, we have had a lot of success with our blog posts. By success I mean the posts were well received and had many views. By far the most viewed page was The Complete Batman Mask and Cowl Buying Guide. Check it out and let us know how we can make it even better.

Batman Mask Buying Guide

The next most popular pages were the BatmanPresents Giveaway page and the Home page. One post that did not do to well was out Essential Batman Comics Guide.  It did not get too many views and I think we could do better. Check it out and let us know how we can improve it. 

Second, the giveaway with the highest number of participants was the 8gb Batman Lego USB Flash Drive. This was our first giveaway and we spent a lot of time getting the word out. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun. The Batman Lego Flash Drive is available for purchase for $12.99 on Amazon.

[caption id="attachment_2758" align="aligncenter" width="309"]8gb Batman Lego Flash Drive 8gb Batman Lego Flash Drive[/caption]

The next best giveaway was the last one, The Deluxe Batman Gift Box. The Batman Gift Box is now available on Amazon for only $49.99, over a $90 value. This was a lot of fun and is the reason we started the website. Everything was set up so that we can make the Best Batman Box on the market. The gift box has a lot of great items and took a long time to put together. Thanks to everyone that helped us pick out the items to include.

Unfortunately, because of the number of items and price we were only able to give one away this time. With more sales we will be able to offer more in the future. Check it out, and let us know what you think. We have received a lot of great input already. 

The Gift Box is now available on as well as on our site. This makes a great gift for any Batman fan out there.

[caption id="attachment_5080" align="aligncenter" width="267"]Deluxe Batman Gift Box The Deluxe Batman Gift Box[/caption]

We plan on having more giveaways so stay tuned for details on those. Sign up for the Newsletter to be notified of the latest Giveaways, Promotions, and Batman Gift Guides.

Third, social media has done really well for us. We will continue to post to social media. This is also the best way to contact us, besides replying back to our emails! We have done well on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Thanks to everybody that has added us. If you know anyone else who loves Batman, please share our posts and invite them to check us out. 

Plans for in 2016

  1. Giveaways
  2. Buying Guides
  3. Social Media
  4. Batman Merchandise

Everyone seems to enjoy the giveaways so we will continue to do them. The most popular posts are the buying guides and we have a couple more already in the works. We would appreciate suggestions on those as well. Stay tuned, we will be posting one soon. Social media has been good for the site and we will continue to posts. 

We will continue to add new Batman items as they become available. 2016 is going to be a big year for Batman with two movies coming out and lots of new merchandise. 

Thanks to everyone for making 2015 an amazing first year for us. Expect even more from in 2016. 

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