The Complete Batman Mask and Cowl Buying Guide

Batman Mask Buying Guide

Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman.

In order to be Batman and protect your secret identity, you will need a mask. This guide was written to help anyone looking to learn more about the types of Batman masks that are available and where to buy them.

Mask vs. Cowl

Mask - A cover, or partial cover, for the face, used for disguise or protection.

Cowl - A mask that covers the majority of the head.

A cowl is a mask that covers the head and not just the face. Batman covers most of his head, so he wears a Cowl and not a mask. There are a lot of Batman masks for sale and this guide covers both masks and cowls. 

Batman Masks

Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of Batman masks available: Masquerade, 1/2, 3/4, full, and full masks with cowl. The prices can change very fast so we used the dollar sign to signify price range. One $ equals under $25, two $$ equal under $50, and so on. The ratings are out of 5 points total, based on customer reviews and the factors mentioned below.

Image Batman Mask/Cowl Price Rating
AshopZ-Halloween-Dark-Knight-Adult-Masquerade-Party-Batman-Bat-Man-Mask-Costume-0-0 Dark Knight Adult Masquerade Batman Mask $ 3.6
 Batman Child Mask Rubie's Batman Child mask (One Size)  $ 4.0
Tech-p-Batman-Mask-Airsoft-Cs-Wargame-Field-Half-Head-Mask-Protect-Army-Cosplay-Mask-Gear-black-0 Batman Mask Airsoft Protect Cosplay Gear $ 5.0
Batman-Vinyl-Mask-0  Batman Vinyl 3/4 Mask  $  2.5
Batman-The-Dark-Knight-Rises-Batman-Full-Mask-Child-Size-Black-0 The Dark Knight Rises Child Full Mask $ 3.7
Batman-The-Dark-Knight-Adult-Batman-Full-Overhead-Latex-Mask-Black-One-Size-0  Rubie's The Dark Knight Rises Adult Full Mask  $  4.4
Batman-Dark-Knight-Special-Edition-11-Cowl-Replica-0   Batman The Dark Knight Rises Replica Cowl $$$$$$  4.0
KingMas-Adult-Batman-Mask-0  The Dark Knight Batman Mask  $$ 3.8
 Rubies-Costume-Batman-Movie-Deluxe-Overhead-Mask-with-Cowl-Black-One-Size-0 Costume Batman Movie Deluxe Overhead Mask with Cowl $ 3.3
Rubies-Costume-Mens-Arkham-City-Deluxe-Batman-Cowl-Mask-Black-One-Size-0 Rubie's Costume Arkham City Deluxe Batman Cowl Mask $$ 3.5
R31801-Batman-Mask-Collectors-1992-0 Batman Mask Collectors 1992 Edition $$ 4.1
1966 batman mask Batman Mask 1966 Cosplay Rubber $$ 4.2

Batman V Superman Batman Masks and Cowls

Batman V Superman Kids Batman Mask Full   Batman V Superman Kids Batman Mask Full $ 4.0
Batman V Superman Batman Cowl Batman V Superman Adult Batman Cowl $ 4.5
Batman V Superman Armored Batman Mask Batman V Superman Kids Armored Mask with Voice Changer $ 4.7
Batman V Superman Adult Armored Mask $ 2.5

Types of Batman Masks

There are several styles of Batman masks available. The three main styles are from the live action movies, 1966 Batman, Tim Burton's 1989 Batman, and the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy. The masks range in price from the inexpensive masquerade type masks to the pricey replica cowls. There is something for everybody.

Batman Masquerade Mask

These masks are the cheapest and easiest to find, normally under $10. These cover the face above the mouth and are made from rigid plastic. They come with an elastic band that keeps the mask in place. There are several different styles and sizes. The first two in the table above are masquerade type and we linked to an Adult one-size-fits-most and a child size. These are both under 10 bucks.


Child Masquerade Batman Mask


1/2 and 3/4 Masks

The next mask types cover half or three fourths of the face. The masks do not cover the neck but look very nice. These are made for costumes as well as air soft and other sports. They slip over the head and cover up to under the chin.



Full Mask or Cowl

The full Batman cowl covers the face and neck. This is the perfect mask if you are building your own costume. They look great, cover enough, and look just like Batman! These can be tricky to put on and the main complaint is that they are too small to wear. This is the style we recommend, especially the one pictured below.



Cowl With Chest Logo

The full cowl with chest logo is what you should aspire to have! These are replicas of the ones worn in movies. My personal favorite is the Batman Returns cowl pictured below. The nose looks a little off because it has been improved to be a better fit for most adults. They added a looser fitting nose and cheek bone area. The main problem when buying cowls is the fit, it can be impossible to wear if it is too small.



What to Look for in a Good Batman Mask

There are several things to consider in order to pick a good Batman mask. How much the mask covers, how it fits, the materials which can affect cleaning and comfort, and price.


The masks come in several different styles. If you are looking at comfort and ease of wear, you can go with a masquerade type mask. The masquerade masks come with an elastic band that holds the mask in place. The next step up are the 1/2 and 3/4 masks that hide the face and cover the back of the head. The full cowl covers the face, goes under the chin, and covers the neck down to the shoulders. The last style of mask is the movie replica cowls with the Batman logo on the chest. The 1992 Batman Returns version looks amazing. Each style of masks cover different amounts around the eyes. You have to keep in mind that these are designed to fit a wide range of face types. The eye slots can be big, but just like in the movies, black paint around the eyes makes for the perfect finishing touch.


The style of mask will affect how they fit. The fit is very important when choosing a mask, especially when it is a full mask and cowl. The masks with lower ratings were generally too tight or small to be comfortable. The masks with higher ratings were more forgiving and were normal to loose fitting. Keep in mind, depending on the materials the masks may loosen after extended wear. Several reviewers also mentioned taking a blow dryer to the mask to loosen the tight areas. Everyone's head is different, if you have a small to normal size head you should not have any problems with most masks.


The masks are made from different materials. Some are more forgiving and comfortable than others. The masquerade masks are rigid plastic which does not conform but only covers the front of the face so they are easy to wear. The rest of the masks are made from either rubber, plastic, latex, or vinyl and can vary in thickness. The different Batman versions had different materials as well because they were used for different purposes. The 1966 Batman mask shown above is made from latex and like the show is meant to hide the identity more than protect the head. The 1989 and 1992 Batman masks are made from a soft thick rubber, which looks more theatrical and covers the face well. The Dark Knight masks shown above are a little more rigid and meant to also protect the head; that is unless Bane gets a hold of you.


The price range has the most variance in Batman Masks. The masquerade masks are normally under $10, some as low as 5 bucks. From all the masks researched the average price was between $20 and $50. The recommended mask below is under $25! There are also movie replica masks made to look and feel exactly like the movies and those range anywhere from $200 to $500. There are not many reviews on those since they price point is so high.

What to Watch out for in a Cowl

As anyone who has worn a cowl before knows, there can be a few problems with them. 


The cowls cover your whole head and are normally a snug fit. The cowl does not allow for heat to leave and so they can get very hot.

The Dark Knight Cowl for instance is made from latex and retains a lot of heat. After about fifteen minutes with this cowl on your face begins to sweat. If you were this in the summer months, you will sweat profusely and over heat, since we lose most of our heat through the top of our heads. 


Most cowls do not have holes for your ears, which can make it difficult to hear. In the 1989 Batman movie, Michael Keaton could not hear anything while wearing his thick leather/latex cowl.

The ears on most masks are on the top of the head and are there for the look. If you choose to wear a full cowl, be aware that your hearing will be reduced. You can still hear people talking and you will sound different to yourself as well. 

A work around for this could be to cut small holes for your ear canals. At least this would let in sound waves. 

2017 Recommended Batman Cowl

Since Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, the new Batfleck Cowl is out with the little ears. The molded latex cowl has a textured surface that resembles leather. Very different from the previous smooth Dark Knight cowl worn by Christian Bale. 

Batman V Superman Batman Cowl

The ears are very small at the top of the head. The molding on this mask is not as good as previous versions. The eye outlets are over built and have a small lip on the inside which can poke you in the eye when you wear it. To fix this, just cut back the eye sockets to be flush to the cowl on the inside. Other than that, the cowl fits good to a little lose and comes with a Velcro strip in the back to allow easy access and closure. 

The Batman V Superman cowl is officially licensed and made by Rubies Costume company. The cowl also covers the neck which makes it look much better with the full suit. It is quite comfortable to wear for longish periods of time. This cowl does not feel as hot as the Bale cowl, probably due to a slightly loser fit. It is still difficult to hear wearing this cowl but the looks definitely make up for it.

2015 Recommended Batman Mask

Considering the four categories mentioned, the Batman Mask that we recommend comes in under $25. This goes to show that the higher price does not guarantee a better fit or look.


The Dark Knight Rises Adult Full Mask

We picked the Dark Knight Rises full mask because of all the great reviews. It averages a 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The mask fits good to a little loose. You can't beat the price on this mask, currently under $25. This should fit most adults unless you are an evil genius with a huge head, then you should not be wearing a Batman mask anyways!

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