Unusual Batman Toys

Unusual Batman Toys

With a franchise like Batman that has been active for over 75 years there will be a lot of different types of Batman merch that has been created through out the years. One of these that stand out the most are especially the toys. Some can be consider quite the collector's item but others can be just bizarre. Like with any other franchise there is always a few bits of weirdness in the mix. But there is nothing wrong with liking the weirdness just as there is nothing wrong with enjoying the campiness from the 60's Batman. Enjoy these 7 bizarre, weird, and unusual Batman toys.

Batman Water Pistol

Typically when you think about Batman probably the last thing on your mind to pop up is a water pistol. Well for one it makes as much sense as a Batman mouse trap. Kids would much rather play with Batarangs or the Batmobile. It probably makes it 10 times weirder that this is actually shaped as Batman and his mouth is the nozzle of the gun. This isn't too strange considering that it came out during the 60's when the famous Adam west rendition of Batman was on the air and this series was probably the opposite of the dark brooding Batman of today. This toy is surprisingly rare but if you really want to own this old school toy it is actually available on Amazon. It is quite pricey since its going for about $100 bucks.

Batman Water Pistol


1976 Mego Batman 12" Action Figure

This is another figure that is from the same Adam West series from the 60's so it does look quite campy as the water pistol. You could tell this is quite an old toy mainly cause half of you are wondering what on earth is Mego? Well before Mattel and Hasbro Mego was the company who made action figures during the 60's and 70's. Of course it not going to be ultra high quality like the toys of today but its quite well made for something from the 70's as long as you don't mind the somewhat very simple face especially the eyes. It is still 10 times more normal than the pistol and you can actually by it on amazon for a high price

1976 Mego Batman 12 action figure

Batman The Movie Trading Cars

Lets move past the 60's campiness straight to the late 80's. This is one of the more iconic years mainly cause of the change of tone Batman have began to receive. The bright colors and the bat dance days during the 60's were soon over as Batman began to become much more darker in both color and style and a lot more serious. This can be more notably seen from the 1989 Tim Burton version of Batman that came out. This set of cards are notably more darker in hue than the predecessor from the 60's but it still comes with things that most kids like; bubble gum, cards and stickers. Though the film was pg 13 it didn't stop companies making toys for the film nor kids from playing. The card packs are still being sold, it is a bit more expensive but a great piece of nostalgia.

Batman Trading Movie Cards Stickers Box 36 Count

Batman Bat-mobile with Rocket Launcher

Keeping up with the dark theme from the Tim Burton version of Batman we now have more toys involving the bat mobile but with more focus on the weapons it can have. This us another toy made for the movie featuring the Batmobile with a dark black color and comes equipped with a hidden Rocket Launcher. The toys during this time were becoming much less campy and much more dark and exciting. The Bat car in this looks exactly like from the Tim Burton film and it is currently considered a collectible among fans. The gold and black packaging makes it look cool and more adult for just a toy and it even looks a bit sophisticated. This is a great toy for both Tim Burton fans and Batman fans alike to own and to have for their collections. Any nostalgic fan from the 80's can still purchase this set for about $35 on Amazon

Batman Batmobile with Concealed Rocket Launcher 1989

Batman The Joker Action Figure

This toy is a bit more colorful than the others, mainly because it features one of the most flamboyant and iconic Batman villains that has ever existed, the joker. The Joker was probably the most colorful person among the dark tones that are seen in the Batman film. This just makes the Joker stand out even more compared to batman's black surroundings. This is probably one of the only things that didn't change since the 60's. Yes the joker is much more insane but design wise he is always with his famous purple suit even during the dark reboot. This Joker figure stands out even more with the purple suit, yellow undershirt and his green hair. The orchid on bis vest even squirts out water which is very fitting for the clown prince of crime. Cool and comical you can get it for just under $30

Batman Squirting Orchid the Joker Action Figure 1989

Batman the Animated Series: Frozen Assets Box Set

Continuing from the darker re-imaging of Batman that has began from the 80's, Batman The animated Series carried over the dark tones from the mid 90's and throughout the 2000's This time the quality of the figures where much more detailed than from the early days of the 60's and almost all of the campiness has vanished during this time. Though the show was intended for kids, the colors were quite dark with some sharp contrast and very mature making it great for both kids and adults alike to enjoy. This set features Batman of course as well as Night wing, Mr.freeze and Poison Ivy. More villains have began to be  incorporated as well as newer heroes like night wing. This set is actually considered a rarity and it is very well made. This is certainly worthy to be in any fans collection and is available in Amazon.

Batman the Animated Series: Frozen Assets Box Set 4 Action Figures

Lego Batman Minifigure

Now this is the most recent toy on the last. From the huge success from the Lego movie that came out a few years ago things have started to become somewhat campy again. If you remember how Batman was in the Lego movie no one would say that he was a super serious no nonsense hero. He cracked one liners and made me laugh a couple of times throughout the movie. Now a days we still enjoy the dark and serious but some comic relief can do us some good once in a while. This figure is quite cute but well made and it even comes with a little bat-a-rang! You can purchase this at Amazon.

Lego Exclusive Batman Minifigure Jokerland

What do you think about the list? Did we miss any unusual Batman toys? The water gun Batman is something else. 

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