Who is Your Favorite Batman Character? Vote Now!

Batman Characters

Who is your favorite Batman Character?

We have had great results with the polls we ran during the first two giveaways. I thought it would be fun to run a continuous poll so that new visitors could enter. Vote for your favorite character in the Batman universe. If your favorite Batman character is not shown you can vote other and write the name in the box. The results are displayed after you vote. Vote and see who the most popular characters are. You might be surprised.

My favorite character is Batman. Actually, my favorite superhero of them all is Batman. From our first giveaway you can see that about half of the people who voted love Batman.

Batman Character Bar Graph

If you want to see the full results, check out the Giveaway Results Post.

The second most popular character was The Joker. But my daughter loves Robin. She is a big fan of Robin, especially young little Robin. She was even Robin for Halloween.

Halloween Girl Robin

Adorable right? Her taste is changing though, this year she wants to be Catwoman.

A lot of people love The Joker. He is definitely my favorite villain. I think a lot of people love Batman because of the Joker. The Dark Knight movie really introduced a new, cooler Joker to a new generation. I think that might be why the Joker has taken the number 2 spot. Catwoman was very popular after Michelle Pfeiffer played her in Batman Returns.

With the new Suicide Squad movie coming out next year, I think Margot Robbie is going to make Harley Quinn even more popular. The trailer looks very good.

Vote above to see the results. When we get a sizable amount, we will make new graphs to see who the most loved Batman characters are. It will be interesting to see if the new Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman movies coming out in 2016 will change people's favorite characters.

Stay tuned for more polls in the future. Same bat time, same bat channel.


  • Adorable! My favorite of it all is Batman and as far as females go it is between Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman and the animated Harley Quinn.

  • Nightwing

    Jayden Falla

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